Julia Child’s Queen of Sheba Chocolate Cake

Julia Child’s Queen of Sheba Chocolate Cake

This recipe was taken directly from her WGBH broadcast and differs slightly from the printed recipe.

Melanzane a Barchetta (Stuffed Eggplant)

Melanzane a Barchetta (Stuffed Eggplant)

This is the easiest, quickest, and one of the most delicious eggplant recipes I know.

Focaccia as Art

Focaccia as Art

These tasty Italian flatbreads will wow your guests.

How To Cut The Cord on Cable-TV, Jan. 2019

How To Cut The Cord on Cable-TV, Jan. 2019

You have to prepare and set aside some time to do this, but it’s worth it.

Gift Ideas for the Home Cook

Gift Ideas for the Home Cook

Here are some things I use most every day to help me cook.

5 Ideas for Quick and Easy Weeknight Meals

5 Ideas for Quick and Easy Weeknight Meals

Try all or any one of these quick and easy recipes to help you eat well and save your sanity through the week.

Bike Initiatives on a Roll North of Boston

(We interrupt these recipes for a word about bike safety. This is an article I wrote and a video I created about bike accidents in communities north of Boston. It was published in the Boston Sunday Globe on Nov. 29, 2015.) By Mark Micheli It […]

Go Figure! Entrepreneur Uses 3D Printers To Make Sculptures Of You

By Mark Micheli (This story ran in the Feb. 17, 2015 edition of the Boston Globe.) You don’t have to be a psychotic villain, plotting world domination while stroking a hairless cat in your lap, to want a “Mini-Me.” Entrepreneur Yifei Zhang is betting the […]

A Phenomenal Guitarist, At Any Age

(Above, the 12-year-old New Bedford resident played the House of Blues in Boston in 2010.) I had quite a surprise Friday night when I went to see Buddy Guy at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston. I didn’t want there to be an opening act, but […]

2011 Is All About Presentation

So last year I discovered a new (but very historic) cocktail, called the Tom & Jerry and I also made Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon. But I didn’t have the best way to show it all off. This year for Christmas my brother gave me a […]

Pizza, Professional Enough for a Business Meeting

So I held another editorial meeting in my backyard this week. The 10 editors were served three different types of pizza and a salad. The pizza I make is a combination of a Julia Child recipe and a recipe I watched my grandmother make a […]

Video: Street Musicians of Galway

(Watch a video of “The Street Musicians of Galway.”) Galway is known for its music. Walk down the street anytime of year and you can hear it: this is especially true during its annual arts festival held in July. Trish was studying at the university […]

You’ve Never Tasted Strawberries Like This Before

I’m eating a savory piece of cheesy foccaccia right now that I purchased at Iggy’s Bread stand at the Union Square farmers market in Somerville this morning. I love the market in Union Square. It features food from several different farms and usually includes a […]

My Babies are Gone, Dinner

I planned to barbecue chicken and ribs tonight for dinner, but then remembered no one will be here. Trish is still in Galway (Ain’t no sunshine). My son, Sean, has to work. And my son, Gabriel, is at a dance tonight at his day camp. […]

A Flush By Any Other Name….

Now I know I’ll do absolutely anything to get out of painting the bathroom. Instead of painting this morning I found myself searching the web for ratings on toilet bowls. Yes, that’s right: toilet bowls. It started innocently enough: I dropped one of the kids […]

The View From Spectacle Island (Audio Slideshow)

(Click here or the photo above to see a slideshow of Spectacle Island. To watch it full screen, click on the arrows in the lower right corner of the slideshow.) This place used to be a dump. But you wouldn’t know that now. Spectacle Island, one […]

Learning to Fly

Does anybody know anything about baby Blue Jays? Two days ago, on Sunday, I noticed a fat baby Blue Jay in my backyard in Malden, Mass. It was unable to fly and was hopping around. Yesterday, I saw the mother swoop down and feed the […]

The Patio Table

We needed a new outdoor dining table. The plastic one I bought about 10 years ago had a tear in it. The easiest thing would have been to go out and buy another plastic one or a wooden one made to withstand the elements, but I […]

Let’s Go, Let’s Go

Audio Slideshow: Let’s go to Memphis! (Click here or the photo above to watch an audio slideshow on Memphis. To watch it full screen, click on the arrows in the lower right corner of the slideshow. Photos by Mark Micheli / Music written and performed […]