Rum, Yum: How a Midnight Snack Was Born
February 24th, 2010 by
What were you expecting: a photo of us in bed eating this delightful treat? Keep dreaming!

What were you expecting: a photo of us in bed eating this delightful treat? Keep dreaming!

Tricia had a craving for oatmeal with blueberries one night. She had been reading about this dish in a magazine or saw an ad there and mentioned it sounded good. So I said, we have frozen blueberries. I’ll add them to some oatmeal and we’ll have a snack.

I got out of bed, walked into the RootsLiving kitchen, poured about 3/4 of a cup of blueberries into a bowl and defrosted them in the microwave. I then went to the cereal cabinet, only to discover our two boys had eaten all of the oatmeal.

Hmm. What to do? I quickly surveyed the ingredients in our refrigerator and found some part-skim ricotta that was leftover from my “Vegetable Lasagna Masterpiece.” I then flashed back to my father making impromtu desserts using ricotta, rum and sugar.

That’ll work, but this dish needs something else. I walked into the RootsLiving butler’s pantry and saw an open package of “lemon snap” cookies. They’re like ginger snaps, only with a lemon flavor. I had bought them because as far as cookies go, they are a low-fat, low-calorie treat. And I knew that the flavors of lemon and blueberry work well together.

I crumbled about two cookies each in the bottom of two cereal bowls and then soaked them in dark rum (I’m lucky because I have Nardini rum, which can only be bought in a small mountain region near Lucca, Italy. In fact, you can’t even get this in Florence, which is only an hour or so away. Although this rum was perfect for this dish — and is also known for blending perfectly in a cup of espresso — you can use any good dark rum, such as Myer’s or Mount Gay.).

When the cookies were soft (about a minute later) I added a few heaping tablespoons of the ricotta in each bowl and about a teaspoon of sugar. I then stirred this concoction up and drizzled the warm blueberries with their juice over it.

The flavor was not too sweet, not too fruity, and had just the right kick to lull us off to sleep.


OK. You heard the story, and now here’s the quick-scan recipe:

Ingredients/Shopping List

  • Lemon Snap Cookies (About four or five)
  • Dark rum (To taste, about 3/4 of a shot for each serving)
  • Part-skim ricotta cheese (about 1 1/2 cups)
  • Sugar (To taste, about one teaspoon per serving)
  • Blueberries, frozen. (About 3/4 of a cup, defrosted and warmed in a microwave oven.)

What I did:

I got out of bed.

Crumble the cookies in two cereal or dessert bowls. Add rum and let sit until cookies are soft (about one minute).

Add about 3/4 cup of ricotta cheese to each bowl. Sprinkle each bowl with a teaspoon of sugar. And mix well.

Drizzle the blueberries and their juice evenly into the two bowls.

Eat in bed. Sweet dreams.

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