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Some of My Favorite Things (for the Holidays)

You’re busy enough this time of year. And so am I (which is one of the reasons I haven’t updated this site

These cookies have hints of lemons and oranges, and whiskey too.
These cookies have hints of lemons and oranges, and whiskey too.

recently). So here are some of my favorite recipes that will hopefully help you out around the holidays:

Asian Shrimp Salad: Looking for a tasty appetizer to bring to a holiday dinner party? My brother requires Trish to bring this to Christmas dinner at his house every year. Ham, shrimp, bean sprouts and a soy sauce dressing creates a light and tangy dish.

Ribollita Soup: A hearty winter soup. I tripled this recipe and fed nearly 60 people with it at our annual Malden Christmas Parade open house. This is the northern italian version of a minestrone: the kidney beans make it Tuscan.

Cheesy Khachapuri: A great appetizer for your own party or a friend’s. This dish from Georgia (the country on the Black Sea; not the U.S.) has an assorted mixture of cheese wrapped up in a sweet dough.

Blanquette De Veau (French Veal Stew): Easy to make and impressive to set on your table. A great main course for a cold winter night.

Christmas Befana Cookies: My grandmother made these sweet biscuit cookies every Christmas. Take a look at the recipe (which make hundreds of cookies) and learn about the legend of the Befana.

Breakfast for Dinner: Gingerbread Pancakes: After Christmas, who feels like cooking a big meal?  In fact, many of you may remain in your PJs until dinnertime anyway, so treat the kids and yourself to this sweet breakfast treat.

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