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A Low-Cal Snack To Get You Through The Night

Give yourself a break and use lemon juice from a bottle and garlic powder from a jar.
Give yourself a break and use lemon juice from a bottle and garlic powder from a jar.

It’s that time of year again when all of the tasty RootsLiving recipes of the holiday season catch up to you in one startling moment as you step on the scale.

BMI? WTF is that? I’ll worry about that when my body mass shifts so I can see my toes again.

It’s time to take drastic measures. Clear out all of the holiday goodies you’ve collected from your pantry and cabinets. Push what you can down the throats of your kids (Sorry Michelle O. but they tell you on airplanes to put your own oxygen mask on first before you assist small children).

Everything else that is sweet and so tempting? Bring it to work (it’s every fat man for himself) or toss it (and then send a check to Bread of Life so you won’t feel so guilty about wasting food).

Now comes the hard part: watching what you eat by counting calories (or Weight Watcher points) and exercising more than your usual jaunt to the fridge. But you need a plan and one that includes low-cal snacks so you don’t sabotage your day by getting ferociously hungry and then pigging out on chips.

Popcorn is great. Buttered popcorn is even more satisfying but just one tablespoon of salted butter can add 102 calories. And one tablespoon isn’t worth buttering the bowl.

So instead of butter I used lemon juice last night and it was great, satisfying, and if I didn’t think too much about it, I’d swear I was eating buttered popcorn: all for just 125 calories. That’s just 2 points for those on Weight Watcher’s. Here’s what you do:

Lemon Garlic Popcorn

Make two cups of popped popcorn using oil (Hot-air popcorn doesn’t satisfy and microwave popcorn is just plain toxic.)

Squirt 1/4 cup of lemon juice on it.

Add salt and a pinch or two of garlic powder.

Then something magical happens. The high-note bitterness of the lemon, combined with the low-note savoriness of the garlic, helps you trick your mind. Forget about the lemon juice and the garlic. Tell yourself you’re eating buttered popcorn.

You can almost believe it. But it won’t matter because it tastes so good.

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