How to Pour a Perfect Guinness

(Above: Watch Terry Nixon, a bartender at Mr. Dooley’s Tavern in Boston, pour the perfect Guinness. It’s an art.)

There will be plenty of Guinness poured this holiday weekend as revelers go out to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.

This made me think that it’s a perfect time to dust off this video I recorded several years ago at Mr. Dooley’s in Boston. I created it for the “Drink of the Week” series I produced for the Boston Globe and it’s one of my favorites.

Pouring other beers is pretty standard but pouring a Guinness the correct way is an art. Here, Terry shows how it’s done the right way.

If you’re out drinking Guinness at the bars this weekend, be sure your bartender knows what he’s doing. Friends don’t let friends pour incorrectly.


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