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Signature Cocktail Ideas: No. 2, The Thai Cocktail

(Above: Laura showed us how to make the Thai Cocktail when she was a bartender at the Cuchi Cuchi restaurant in Cambridge, Mass. in 2014.)

With basil, cocoanut rum, vodka, and cava, this drink from Cuchi Cuchi, a Spanish restaurant in Cambridge, Mass., packs a punch. We’re not even sure if Charo can handle it.

It’s the second in my series of cocktail ideas for New Year’s Eve.

I’ll feature one cocktail from my Drink of the Week cocktail series that I created for the Boston Globe each day until New Year’s Day. If you’re looking for a signature cocktail to serve at your New Year’s Eve party or simply something different to drink from now and until then, check in with Rootsliving daily this week. On Friday, I’ll publish the complete list so you’ll have time to purchase special ingredients.


Here’s the recipe:

The Thai Cocktail

December 27, 2018


  • Fresh basil, several leaves
  • Lemon grass several sprigs
  • Simple syrup, one shot
  • Cocoanut rum (Malibu), one shot
  • Vodka, two shots
  • Lemon Juice, splash
  • Cava, splash
  • Step 1 Put basil, lemongrass, simple syrup and ice in a glass and muddle it good.
  • Step 2 Add rum, vodka and lemon juice. Shake until well blended and cold.
  • Step 3 Pour into a glass and top with some Cava. Garnish with a single basil leaf.

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