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Nan’s Mashed Potatoes

Nan’s Mashed Potatoes

More people ask for this recipe than most others.
The mashed potatoes before being put in the oven. More people ask for this recipe than most others.

My brother’s mother-in-law, Theresa (aka: Nan, short for Nana), is a great cook and one of her specialties is this mashed potato recipe.

It’s good for special occasions, like tomorrow’s Easter Dinner, and is guaranteed to have your guests asking for more. If they also ask for the recipe, tell them they can find it here on

Ingredients/Shopping List:

  • Potatoes (8 pounds)
  • Bay Leaf (1)
  • Garlic powder (just a dash)
  • Cream Cheese (1 8 oz package)
  • Sour Cream (1 16 oz container)
  • Salt, pepper (to taste)
  • Paprika (enough to sprinkle on top)
  • Butter (enough to grease a baking dish; and a few slabs to put on top)

What I did:

Boil potatoes with bay leaf until tender. And then mash. I always mash potatoes through a ricer, which prevents lumps.

Add salt and pepper and garlic powder.

Beat in the cream cheese and sour cream. I use a hand-held electric beater until the potatoes are smooth and creamy.

Put potatoes in baking dish that has been greased with butter. Smooth top and dab with butter and sprinkle with paprika.

Bake in a 350-degree oven until hot and bubbly.

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