A Micro-Winery Miracle: How To Make A Really Small Batch

A Micro-Winery Miracle: How To Make A Really Small Batch

This has to be one of the smallest batches of wine ever produced: just 10 oz.

FAQs: Wine-Making Preparation Tips

FAQs: Wine-Making Preparation Tips

A quick run-down on the process of making wine at home.

Making Wine Without Chemicals

Making Wine Without Chemicals

I started making wine 22 years ago, in 1996.  As a young boy I remember seeing two large oak barrels in my cellar. My father used to make wine, but had stopped by the time I was old enough to start remembering things. But I […]

Rootsliving Winery Wins Another Award

Rootsliving Winery Wins Another Award

Wine from RootsLiving Cellars won a blue ribbon.

The Wine Is Ready to Rumble

The wine is fermenting nicely today. I went into the basement and I could hear it rumbling: the sound is like that of water boiling gently on the stove. An audible “boil” started yesterday, about three days after crushing the grapes. This is a little unusual, as […]

Making Wine With South American Grapes

It’s got to be fall somewhere. And so it is: in Chile. That’s why I’m able to make wine today. I purchased 10 boxes of Malbec grapes from a vineyard in Chile. I picked them up at the Beer and Wine Hobby Store in Woburn […]

RootsLiving Wins First Place, and Third Place in Wine Competitions

BREAKING NEWS OCT. 7, 2009: THIS JUST IN — Wine made last year in the RootsLiving wine cellar took first place in the Zinfandel category at this year’s Topsfield Fair. This was the first time the RootsLiving wine cellar entered one of its wines in […]

Pressing the Grapes

The wine stopped fermenting on Oct 7, exactly 10 days after it began. This seems to be the usual amount of time it takes in the RootsLiving Cellar. Once the wine stops fermenting (you can tell when it stops gurgling), the juice is taken out […]

Shhh! Don’t Disturb: Nature At Work

Come a little bit closer. Now be quiet. Hear that? No? Well click here or on the photo and put your ear up to your speakers. Here’s a video I made of 480 pounds of grapes fermenting in the RootsLiving wine cellar. This is the […]

The Wine Is Boiling

I know it’s fall when the sweet musty smell of grapes fills my home. It floats up from the cellar where some 480 pounds of wine grapes have been popped open and dropped into an old wooden barrel. I crushed the grapes yesterday, covered the […]

Calling on Nature For A Good Batch of Wine

It’s September and once again I’m calling on nature because the wine grapes have been picked and shipped across country and are ready for me to start crushing them into a purple concoction of bliss. Making wine is spiritual. You have to believe in a […]

Wine Entered in Topsfield Competition

It’s official. Wine from the RootsLiving wine cellar has been entered into the Topsfield Fair wine competition. The fair doesn’t start until Oct. 2 but the deadline for submitting the wine is Aug. 12. I started making wine 13 years ago with my father, following some […]