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Making Wine With South American Grapes

The grapes came wrapped in tissue paper in plastic crates.
The grapes came wrapped in tissue paper in plastic crates.

It’s got to be fall somewhere. And so it is: in Chile.

That’s why I’m able to make wine today. I purchased 10 boxes of Malbec grapes from a vineyard in Chile. I picked them up at the Beer and Wine Hobby Store in Woburn with the help of my friend, Danny, who has a pickup truck.

Wine grapes are only available in the fall, after the yearly harvest. So I usually make wine in September or October with grapes from Napa Valley, California. In 2009, the zinfandel I made won the top award at the Topsfield Fair.

This is the first time I purchased grapes from South America. The grapes look to be in good condition, ripe and sweet, which should produce a strong wine. I hope it’s also velvety smooth with peppery notes and deep hints of black plums.

The crushing begins in an hour. Wish me luck.

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