RootsLiving Winery Wins Another Award

RootsLiving Winery Wins Another Award

(Above: I visited the fair to find out the results of the wine competition. The blue ribbon should be coming soon.)

We won a blue ribbon!! Wine from RootsLiving Cellars placed first in its category at the Topsfield Fair, the oldest agricultural fair in the United States.

A bottle of wine with a competition label on it
(Photo courtesy of Marie Macchione)

The 2017 vintage came in first place in the “Red Wine, Zinfandel” category and had the second highest overall scores in the competition in Topsfield, Massachusetts. The winners were announced earlier this month and the blue ribbon should arrive in a few weeks.

We previously entered this competition in 2009 and won top honors in the same category that year.

The recipe was developed following old-school doctrine passed down by my father and grandfather. I used 10 boxes of Zinfandel grapes, two boxes of Moscato grapes, and one box of Alicante grapes. My father always said to add the white Moscato grapes because they’re high in sugar and will give the wine a good kick. He said add a box of the red Alicante grapes to give the wine a good color.

Bottles of the winning wines are on display at Alfalfa Winery in Topsfield where wine tasting for their wines are held. However, if you want to try some of our wines, you’ll have to come here for dinner.

This year the Topsfield Fair celebrated its 200th anniversary.

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