Antioxidant Smoothie

I admit, this doesn’t look very good, but it tastes delicious: sweet, a little earthy, bright, and with a zing of ginger.

And if you can get past it’s purplish, gray looks, I’m sure you’ll like it too.

I make a batch of this most every morning. The recipe below makes enough for two people. Each serving is about 88 calories, making this a remarkably, healthy, and nutritious power drink.


smoothie ingredients



It’s full of antioxidants from nearly every ingredient. The kale, spinach, wild blueberries, ginger, and even the parsley and banana are loaded with them. Antioxidants are believed to protect cells and may even help prevent cancer, heart disease, and other ailments, according to the Mayo Clinic.

I use a NutriBullet but I’m sure other devices would work well too, as long as they’re powerful enough to pulverize ice cubes and fresh ginger. Here’s the recipe:


Antioxidant Smoothie

January 13, 2019
: 10 min
: Easy

You just put all of the ingredients in a NutriBullet (or other device) and pulverize it! Makes two servings, each containing about 88 calories.


  • Fresh Kale, about 1 cup
  • Fresh Spinach, about 1/2 cup
  • Banana, 1 medium
  • Fresh parsley, about 2-3 tablespoons
  • Fresh ginger, a slice about 1/4-inch thick with peel removed.
  • Frozen wild blueberries, at least a half cup
  • Ice cubes, 2
  • Almond milk (unsweetened, 30 calories per cup), 1 cup
  • Step 1 Put all of the ingredients in a NutriBullet (or other device) and pulverize.
  • Step 2 Pour into two glasses and serve.


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