My Babies are Gone, Dinner

Dinner for one can be so much fun.
Dinner for one can be so much fun.

I planned to barbecue chicken and ribs tonight for dinner, but then remembered no one will be here.

Trish is still in Galway (Ain’t no sunshine). My son, Sean, has to work. And my son, Gabriel, is at a dance tonight at his day camp.

So I whipped this together using tomatoes and greens from the Malden Farmers Market.

Fresh Lemon Pepper Tuna Bruschetta


1 can of italian tuna (in oil)

Fresh arugula

Fresh pea tendrils

1/2 farm fresh tomato

1 slice of crusty bread, toasted

Lemon pepper (1 teaspoon)

Asiago cheese (a few crumbled pieces)

Salad dressing (your favorite)

What I did:

Mix tuna with lemon pepper.

Top slice of toasted bread with a few tomato slices. Scoop tuna on top.

Put slices of tomatoes on top of tuna.

Mix greens on side of dish. Add cheese, slices of tomato and your favorite salad dressing.

Serve and eat by yourself (preferably while watching Cash Cab)

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