TRAVEL: Photographing Old Havana and Beyond

1950s car on a dark street beneath a hanging cloth art exhibit in Old Havana.

Traveling from the U.S. to Cuba is still legal. It just takes a little work. Trish and I were fortunate to go there at the beginning of 2020 before the pandemic hit. Take a look at photos from that trip.


A Search For My Italian Roots In Carrara, Italy

A Wild Ride Through Italy's Breathtaking (and Controversial) Marble Quarries

I wrote this article for the Boston Globe and it ran in the Sunday travel section on Nov. 11, 2018. Above is the multimedia version of that story, complete with video of the harrowing ride to the quarries.

FOOD TIP: One of the delicacies of this city is lardo di Colonnata. It is paper-thin slices of pork fat that’s been cured inside a marble vessel for about six months. This is a traditional dish of the area and was what stoneworkers in the quarries ate for lunch. It tastes a little like the fatty part of a piece of the most wonderful prosciutto, only richer with a deep savory flavor that is both aromatic and delicate.


Where to stay and eat:

If You Go To Carrara, Italy


Video: The Natural Beauty of Crete

The natural beauty of the most southerly Greek island is accentuated with the haunting music of Cretan musician Stelios Petrakis.


Video: Japan

With apologies to Richard Lester, director of “Hard Day’s Night,” and “Help!”

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