Soup and Sandwich Night With Style (Instead of Take-Out)

Presentation helps build an appetite.
Presentation helps build an appetite.

So maybe you forgot to go shopping or make a dinner plan. You’ve worked all day and now you have the dreaded task of figuring out what’s for dinner.

You hate to spend money on take-out again: a pizza, subs, chinese food, etc. But you’re pressed for time and what else can you do? Here’s an idea: stop by your local deli or supermarket on the way home and pick up the ingredients for a quick and easy “soup and sandwich” night, only this time take it to a higher level by buying the best ingredients available. They’ll think you’ve been planning this for weeks.

Ingredients/Shopping List:

  • Soup (Pick up a couple of cans of your favorite)
  • Salami (1/2 pound of imported genoa salami or “Oldani” if it’s available. My favorite deli in Boston’s North End carries it and it’s better than the imported. Hard to believe, but true.)
  • Cheese (1/4 pound of a soft Pecorino cheese; or fontina)
  • Bread (The best Italian bread you can find. It should have a hard flaky crust and soft middle with lots of holes.)
  • Olives (Get a mixture of the large green, and small black)
  • Shrimp (1/2 pound of the frozen, cooked shrimp.)
  • Cocktail Sauce (1 bottle)
  • Pickles (Cut up some large dill pickles and put in a side dish)
  • Tomatoes (This time of year, the best tomatoes are usually the grape tomatoes. Slice them in half and put in a side dish)
  • Wine (A good red wine)

What I did:

Slice the Italian bread into thick sandwich slices.

Put bread, side dishes of tomatoes and pickles, the salami, and the cheese on a large platter.

Thaw the shrimp and place around the rim of martini glasses.

Put cocktail sauce in a side dish.

Put olives in an olive tray or bowl.

Heat up the soup and serve.

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